It's 4:26pm in the dead of winter shortly after the New Year.
I’m sitting in darkness and almost complete silence with only the natural light from outside beaming through my windows filling up some dark space in the room and the humming of the heater above blowing warmth down upon me.
Silence often brings comfort and peace to my mind and soul, however; today is different.
Today I plunged deep into the depths of my soul.
What I found was darkness.
Darkness that overpowered the light that was once shining so bright it radiated through my heart and veins.
It was a melancholy sight; the spirits of my most cherished memories tangled up in darkness instead of floating freely.
They surrendered to the darkness.
They surrendered to insecurity, fear, and self-judgment.
They surrendered to negativity.
I was dispirited.
I cried and I cried.
I wrote and I wrote.
I opened up.
I opened up and allowed my self-inflicted internal wounds to heal and then vanish.
Darkness was evicted and light settled in for good.
Written 1.16.18